Check this out. I took boxed chocolate jello pudding, (not the instant kind) and while I was stirring the pudding for longer than I had anticipated, I looked over at my fruit bowl on my counter and thought, hmm, some clementine might step this up a notch!  So I quickly zested 1 clementine and threw it in the almost boiling pudding and finished stirring. The result was delicious! A tip that I learned from one of my favorite Chefs, Ina Garten, is to add a garnish to the dish to let your senses know they will be tasting that flavor before eating it. I whipped out an old bartendar trick I had learned while working in a restaurant and made some clementine twists to top it with. I sampled one while warm, it is great served warm or cold but I really noticed the zest later when it was chilled, while also noticing the zest in the texture where I didn’t before. My fiance topped it off with whipped cream and here’s the result!  He said that it reminded him of these lovely dark chocolate covered orange sticks we ate a lot of in Paris, which is exactly what I was going for!