2010 baby! I love it! I love New Year’s.  The start to a new year, especially 2010, I just have a good feeling about it. 10 is my favorite number, it was my soccer number for years growing up. I had it because the famous, Pele, my idol as a child also wore this number.

This year we spent it with the very lovely and talented cook, Aaryn, her boyfriend, Pana and Beth, who we just met from Indiana!

We opted to get together, eat a great meal and watch the ball drop! It was a great way to ring in the new year.

I recently acquired Ina’s Back to Basics cookbook. I have given this book as a gift, drooled as it passed through my fingers into another capable cooks hands and finally justified the purchase during my last trip to Costco! I was so excited to get this cookbook as I have wanted it for over a year! So I was eager to try so many recipes and since I was in charge of dessert and an appetizer this night, I decided to try the warm cheese with french bread toasts, granny smith apples and mixed greens. We had a small panic when the “Warm Cheese” turned into cheese soup on the cookie sheet within a matter of minutes but I improvised. I arranged the toasted french bread and dripped the cheese over the slices, topped it with the honey and few pistachio nuts and garnished it with the mixed greens and granny smith apple slices. Not a bite was left. My relationship with dear Ina is starting to look like a good one!

For the past few New Year’s, we have had cracked crab as a tradition and decided to share it with our friends. Check out 6 lbs of fresh cracked crab.

Aaryn made a fabulous homemade cocktail sauce made up of ketchup, horseradish (I accidentally grabbed creamed horseradish at the store), tons of lemon juice, tobasco and salt and pepper. It was incredible! We also had a little side of butter which barely was touched. A side of brussel sprouts and amazing twice baked potatoes from Emeril’s recipe, and we had ourselves a winner of a dinner.

I made a chocolate bundt cake that looked like a giant donut and tasted like chocolate exploded in my mouth. This cake recipe has a secret ingredient that keeps it incredibly moist, you can see it in the background of the crab photo above. Bet you can’t guess what it is….

Happy New Year everyone!