New Year’s day we whipped up a meal we had been talking about for a while. Often times during the week, we opt for an easy dinner, a roast chicken at the grocery store. These chickens are delicious but we always think, isn’t this one of the easiest things to make? So we bought a beautiful pair of organic chickens during our recent trip to Costco, where, by the way, we got our OWN membership and are officially adults now! Tyler insisted that he got to make the chicken and I am no woman to stand in his way. He stuffed this bad boy with lemon and rosemary and I saw him patting it with butter.  Love a man who can cook!

Here’s the finished product, it smelled fantastic and we were eager to see if it was as good as the store-bought ones. Turns out it was even better! These chickens are also twice the size of the ones that we buy pre-made.

As you know I’m obsessed with my new Back to Basics cookbook so I had to try the roasted vegetables with fingerling potatoes, asparagus, green beans and fennel. phenomenal! I overcooked them a bit trying to reheat them but how else are you going to learn if you don’t make mistakes?

This was the silent delicious surprise of the night. Looks like a basic french apple tart, but it tasted like it was shipped in from Paris. Ina swears this is her favorite dessert and I can see why. I even skimped on the puff pastry by using a frozen one instead of making my own. No one was missing anything. I substituted brown sugar for regular sugar because it was all I had. If you like apple tarts, I highly recommend trying this one. I think it would be great with pears as well!  Here’s the recipe.

This dinner is surprisingly easy and you can have the vegetables in with the chicken and bake the tart earlier. A little bit of salty and sweet is never a bad thing!