The other day I picked up a new bread pan. I got the Chicago brand, metallic one. My other really cute pan that I got in Paris (which is now in my trash bin) always burns the bread and I have to literally wrestle it to get it out, no matter how much I “grease the pan”. I couldn’t wait to try this one. I will have to type out my recipe another time but for now, here are some photos of tonight’s oven creation. This batch was on point, I think it was my best batch yet. Baking is funny, it keeps you on your toes in the kitchen that is for sure but when something comes out of the oven with the perfect crisp edges and a warm, soft center, the feeling of victory takes over. A small one, yes, but victory none the less. 

Grab a little cream cheese and you’re in business!

I’ll be making this one again, that is for sure!