I promised you the Ina Garten stew, which is really Parker’s beef stew. I made this on Friday night, after it sat in wine overnight on Thursday. Ina reccomends you eat it the next day so I followed the cooling instructions Friday and proceeded to reheat it for dinner last night. I threw in the peas last night instead of right after it comes out of the oven, so if you do make this and want to serve it the next day or eat it the next day, I suggest throwing them in right before you plan to eat it. Soggy peas = no bueno.

Table was set, Ty’s parents were coming over. It was fun because we haven’t had them over to dinner since we’ve been home. They gave me these gorgeous bowls for my birthday last year and these vases too, so it was fun to use them all together! They are made by this great company that hand makes them in China. I told someone that, probably Aaryn, and she cracked up at me, saying everything is made in China. Anyways, they make awesome pottery and if you want to check them out, go here.

I made a new appetizer last night. It was something that Ty’s Dad, Rob, had mentioned he saw on the food network and wanted to try. Homemade potato chips with a greek yogurt onion dip. We were all surprised how powerful the onion dip tasted, much more flavorful than the powder stuff that comes in a box, which I also love. The chips were tasty, didn’t pack as much of a crisp as I wanted but for a homemade potato chip, baked, with no salt, they were pretty good!

I also made a basic crudite and had some goat cheese that I topped with this awesome honey we bought at the farmer’s market last weekend from the grumpiest man ever, but hey, his honey is delicious so I’ll deal. In my photo, you will see something that looks like a cucumber, but these are Persian Cucumbers, have you heard of them? I bought them at Trader Joes, they are smaller and super crunchy, sweet and delicious. Check them out if you haven’t had them yet!

I didn’t take a photo of the stew and I am not sure why, but it was time to eat and my mind was in serve mode, I blanked on my blog! I also wish I had a photo of all of us at the table. Next time!

Later that evening, we received a call from our friends, so we went to meet them. I talked them into trying this soft serve ice cream at Pizza Picco. Our friend just told us about it the other day and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Even though I already had a cookie for dessert, my sweet tooth had another plan.  Her favorite was the vanilla, carmel and sea salt. But on the menu was their house specialty, vanilla bean, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Aaryn talked me into it and promised she’d take mine if I didn’t like it. It was so tasty! Not too sweet but buttery, salty, creamy and just delicious! I highly recommend that place and that dessert!

Hope everyone had a sweet Saturday night as well!