Breakfast burritos are, in my opinion, the best way to kickoff your day. When I was on set in NY, I would order them from catering with egg whites, turkey bacon and salsa in a wheat tortilla, sometimes avocado. They were called the, “Hollywood Sissy”. They were amazing. I found the pre-cooked bacon at Costco that people have been telling me about for a long time. Its seriously so good! I hate cooking bacon because my house smells like bacon for days and the clean-up sucks. So this is the perfect solution and it is so yummy!  Made a killer BLAT for Ty the other day but that’s for another post! He’s stoked we have a lifetime supply of real bacon and not turkey, which is what I normally buy!

So today, I whipped up my version of what we had in the fridge breakfast burrito! These keep you full for hours, its the best.

1 egg + 2 egg whites

2 slices of bacon

Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce or salsa (which I was out of)

2 Tortillas

Side of blueberries and you are off to a very productive Sunday!!!