Today we slept in, it was pouring rain and we decided, screw it.  Once we were up, we were starving! With some left over french bread from Ty’s awesome French Onion soup on Saturday and 1 egg in the fridge, I decided to try something new to me. Ty was game! I made an egg in a basket. Which in Joy of Cooking is called, Egg in a hole. I like basket better, so we’ll go with that. 

This is the perfect thing to do with bread leftover from the night before as it holds up to the skillet and contains the egg nicely. Talk about easy, all you do is put some butter in the pan until it melts, use a cup to make a hole in your bread and throw the bread on the skillet and crack the egg into the whole. If the white spills over the top, its fine! Then wait for it to get brown on the bottom and flip it once, wait for a few minutes and there you have it. I grilled the hole as well for a garnish!

We are still picking away at the giant Costco portion of pre-cooked bacon so I threw that on the side with a 1/2 a grapefruit and mocha for a complete breakfast! Got our day off to a great start!