Tuesday night Aaryn and I planned a girls night out. Destination, Delarosa, on Chestnut Street in San Francisco. We got there early, 5pm and bellied up to the sleek, new, modern bar. Behind it was an old great friend that we used to work with at Eastside West.  Nothing beats this kind of scenario. He quickly ordered up a few appetizers without our knowing and guided us through a delicious, interesting and extremely enjoyable dinner. Eric is a well-known bartendar in San Francisco, one of the best and was whipping out one fancy thing after the next for miss Aaryn, she needed it after a very hectic work day!  Since we were the “Ladies of Leisure”, his words, not mine, he ordered an Argula with fennel and shaved parmesean salad to kick it off. This was tasty and a great way to begin the meal. Shortly followed by that was another salad, this time Carpaccio of gold and red beets, goat ricotta with the yummiest truffle oil dressing ever, we practically licked that plate. We decided the next course would be pizza and our friend left that one up to us, we went with the spicy marinara, peperoncini and olive pizza topped with mozzarella (you have to add this option). The guys sitting next to us ordered this and kept commenting on how spicy it was so Aaryn and I were intrigued and had to go for it. I LOVE my pizza with Siricha sauce, a slightly elegant upgrade from the college, side of ranch, days.  This was the thinnest, most amazing pizza I had had since New York. Really, they nailed this on the head. The bartendar said that this pizza made him have to give up pizza altogether because he was so addicted. It had spanish olives on it too which added a nice salty element. We ate the whole thing, I wish I had my camera that night to show you how beautiful this pizza was.  After we had threw in the towel, literally, napkins on the bar, sipping the rest of our drinks, a plate of warmed sugar doughnuts, called the Bomboloni Caldi, arrived to our surprise with 3 sauces, sweet mascarpone, melted warm dark chocolate and rasberry puree. We dunked these in the mascarpone followed by rasberry and literally went to heaven. This dessert was one of the best I ever had. I love chocolate but we both agreed it wasn’t even a close second to the combo we came up with.

If you want a casual but very upscale tasting meal, go here! I suggest soon too because next week Michael Bauer drops in for his review and I have a feeling the place will be packed in no time!