While standing in line to check out at the grocery store, I got lured into Bon Appetit’s Best of the Year magazine, with spaghetti and meatballs gracing the cover. It ended up coming home with me and I finally started flipping through it two days ago. Immediately I decided I would try the meatballs! I took out the ground beef we had in the freezer and let it thaw in the fridge and this afternoon we were in biz. By the way, if you thaw meat, make sure that you put it in a dish for this process, I did not.  Can you tell I never thaw meat from the freezer? We made the mistake of putting it right in the fridge with nothing but the saran wrap it came in and it looked like a small animal died in my fridge. Sorry, but it did, there was meat blood everywhere. After disinfecting and many scrubs, it took me another day to stomach preparing the meatballs. All is well, they are prepped and ready to be cooked and topped with sauce! I am skipping the make the sauce step and using Trader Joe’s vodka sauce instead. I will freeze some of these and make the suggested sauce next time.

I will post the outcome of tonight’s dinner soon!


Ok, so these meatballs turned out incredible! I heated them up in a dutch oven over med-heat for 3 minutes a side and put the lid on so they cooked through the middle. Delicious! You can really taste the bacon in them! Ty is excited for tomorrow to try meatball sandwiches!

How good does that sound? I am really interested to try them in the sauce they recommended. The TJ’s vodka sauce is always good but it was a bit too creamy for something as rich as these meatballs. Something lighter would have totally suited them better.

We have meatballs for days so I am sure we will be trying out some new ideas soon!