Sticky buns might be a forgotten childhood treat but Ina brings it back with a bang. One of the reasons I purchased her Back to Basics cookbook was for this very recipe.  It looked irresistable. These were my brother’s favorite breakfast as a child and now I wish I had known about this secret recipe sooner!   I will never buy the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls again.

I had the puff pastry sitting in my freezer waiting to be used for the next appropriate occasion. When I woke up early today thinking I had slept through my alarm, I laid in bed awake and remembered, I have the stuff to make the sticky buns and I was off!

This is seriously the easiest recipe with huge results. Ina says that her friends flip for this and we did too! Have a brunch party or friends/family staying with you for a bit? Surprise them with your skills in the kitchen with this recipe. Not only is the smell of sugar, cinnamon, bread and butter the perfect scent to wake up to, they might just be the most delicious breakfast item I ever had!