When we were over at Aaryn’s the other night she showed us her lunch that she had prepared for the week, she is good like that, prepping in advance. Also, my good friend Kathy and I have been obsessed with this little grain and talking about how we would make it. I was last to try this stuff and man am I glad that I did! You cook it like rice, so I busted out my red rice cooker and threw in a double batch so we’d have some leftover for future meals. This almost turned into a minor cooking disaster as I overloaded the rice cooker and it started to look like a minor explosion might happen. Ty jumped in and manned the potential Old Faithful about to go off any minute  while I could finish the first baking project I had started today. I realized that while “Multitasking” ranks high on my skill-set in a real job situation, I am not so great at that in the kitchen. Totally different ball game.

You could pair this with a nice piece of grilled chicken, fish, sausage, whatever meat/protein you desire but today we stuck with veggie.

Here’s the recipe, cut down the quinoa amount to the regular amount suggested on the box if you don’t want enough to feed a football team.

1 pt. quinoa, 2 pt water – Follow the instructions on the box to cook this, know your rice cooker’s limits!

4 blanched carrots cut on the bias

2 head of broccoli blanched

1 bag of artichoke hearts – I bought mine in the frozen section at Trader Joes (Follow the instructions on the bag to heat them up)

A handful of frozen peas – cooked

5 Celery stalks cut on the bias

4 Sprigs of chopped fresh basil

A few tablespoons of Olive Oil

1 tablespoons Hot Pepper Sesame Oil

Salt, Pepper and Red Chili Flakes to taste