This weekend I was in Park City to see my family and check out some movies at Sundance! It was so much fun, I want to live in Sundance land all year long, if you have not been, I highly recommend you grab your warmest jacket and go sometime.

We worked up quite an appetite movie hopping and went out for a nice family meal to this restaurant called, Purple Sage, on Main Street in Park City.  We started off with some killer appetizers, this blue cheese fondue with bread and pears

and these homemade potato chips with blue cheese!!!!

Those things were amazing and highly addictive. During dinner I put away the camera but I wish I hadn’t. My sister in law and I split a great pear and arugula salad with thinly sliced manchego cheese and for dinner we shared a pork tenderloin with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed sugar snap peas! It was was incredibly delicious. My Dad had a chicken pot pie that I tried and we swore was beef. We bet a free dessert with the waiter that it was beef and it was one that we lost.

Here’s a shot of the fam full and happy and it had just started to snow outside – so pretty!

It was a great night out, thanks Dad!