I went to the grocery store tonight and shopped like I literally had a family of four to feed, not 2 diet conscious adults. Note to self, never shop hungry. I was starving, worst idea ever to stop by Trader Joe’s at this moment but we had literally nothing in our fridge. By the time I got home my fiance and I had split a turkey club wrap and switched off eating almost an entire box of crackers and we live under five minutes from this place. Sexy, right?

Tonight we made up for it with a healthy dinner.

Heirloom lettuce leaves with grape tomatoes, olive oil and lemon, salt and pepper topped with a little grana padano cheese!

On the side I made another quinoa recipe recommended by my new chef friend, Jason, who I met last night. My rice cooker and I have made up by now and it cooperated perfectly, that device is a god send!

This recipe has goat cheese, persian cucumbers, dried cranberries and I added some shredded carrots for color! Ty added some balsamic dressing to his which I tried and loved!

Here is Ty, enjoying his vegetarian feast. He’s cringing on the inside while reading this because I keep joking that I am going to turn him vegetarian (I am not a vegetarian but like to say that I want to be to get a rise out of him). In fact, I just made that statement right before I took this photo.

We are off to play some Wii and watch Modern Family and Cougar Town.