Tonight was time to lighten up. I’ve been eating some different things, different meaning not so full of nutrition. Let me explain.  Friday night consisted of a mini tube of pringels and 1/2 a Ritter Sport milk chocolate bar with hazelnuts. I was at the movies, didn’t eat before I went and paired with a diet coke = dinner. Hey, I’m human! We saw Dear John if you are curious, it was a tear jerker but kept our attention and was over all pretty entertaining. Perhaps shots like this with Tatem Channing had something to do with it.

Then there was Superbowl Sunday. Something about that makes you just instantly crave wings. Ty insisted we go to KFC and I didn’t argue. 3 minutes later and we were going home with a bucket of spicy wings, side of blue cheese. Oh yeah.

Last night we made up for it and we ate a big bowl of steamed veggies and brown rice. It looked like diet food so I’ll spare you the image of that.

On to tonight – lite dinner for 2. Ty and I had both snacked a bit and weren’t all that hungry but I knew if we didn’t eat something, 9:30 would roll around and we’d be starved and having Round Table in our blackberry is a dangerous thing.

Ever since we roasted those beets I wanted to try this salad. It has arugula, grapefruit, avocado, beets, and goat cheese. I made a simple dijon vinagrette with lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper.  I watched Giada one day cut up a grapefruit, slice by slice so that there is zero pulp or skin attached. She made it look really easy and of course I made a giant juicy mess but it was successful and worth it to not be chewing grapefruit forever.  Do you ever watch a food network show and think that the chef is talking right to you? I do!

On the side we polished off these spicy spinach little pizza’s from Trader Joe’s. This won’t be an item that I buy again but with a little sriracha, they were tolerable. I’m telling you, its the new ranch!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!