Saturday, Ty and I headed south to watch the Maverick’s big wave competition. I have always wanted to check this out and its the first year that its been on a Saturday and could go. Well, this year any day would have worked but that’s besides the point. 

There were huge crowds, we were shocked but after making the stellar decision to pick up a pair of binnoculars on the way, it was worth the trek! More importantly there were enormous waves! The waves break out there right in front of the peninsula below. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen! 

We watched and cheered eagerly for about an hour, our appetites got the better of us and we were off to find some lunch. My good friend, Hilary, tipped us off on a little place called, Barbara’s, that she said had THE BEST fish and chips! We were instantly on a mission!

After asking a few people, we had success, all within walking distance!

We opted for the to go window, you can sit inside and get a table but it was much too gorgeous of a day for that.  We waited in line for a good 20 minutes and then, were served the most delicious looking fish and chips I had ever seen! If you are ever near Half Moon Bay and have the chance to eat here, I highly recommend the stop, in fact I anticipate we will make a trip specifically for this dish. 

These were the lightest, most crisp and juicy and FRESH fish and chips that I have had. Thank you, Hilary!