Ty and I have a little tradition where we get a pizza to go and watch a DVD for Valetine’s Day. This year we decided to make our own pizza. Ty took this one on and called me into the kitchen to check out his pizza, I ran in, camera in hand!


Oh yeah, he made it heart shaped. His Dad was joking about an hour earlier asking if it was going to be heart shaped! Of course Rob!!!! haha

We opted for a basic marinara and used Burrata cheese as an alternative to regular mozzarrela cheese, it was tasty! We just used a TJ’s wheat dough and their pizza sauce with some fresh basil. 

Heart shaped dish full of sriracha, check!

This is such a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. I really have never been a huge fan of this holiday but if you make it fun and roll with the cheese factor, it isn’t all that bad. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my readers, hope you all had a wonderful day!