Doesn’t get much better than these 3 things!

Last week we all got together to celebrate Jaime’s birthday. It was carefully planned as a surprise dinner that was ruined literally 3 minutes after we got there despite the numerous text messages everyone sent through out the day of how it would go down. We did however duck in the bar for about 10 minutes, in dresses, and tried to stop our other friends from coming in with some not-so-clear sign language through a window. I think you had to be there to grasp the situation but it turned out to be an absolute great evening, surprise or no surprise!

Destination: Buckeye Roadhouse

Motivation: Jaime’s Birthday Blowout

Rating: ****+++

We started off with some fabulous appetizers, Oyster’s Bingo, being the all time crowd favorite, along with some onion rings, seared ahi and calamari. Ty and I ordered the Monday special, Prime Rib.  I really wanted to share this dish instead of getting our own which was the plan going in but Ty was too starving and said that I couldn’t even have a bite, so I went ahead and ordered it as well and scrapped the salad that I was originally going to order. There is proof below of just how starving he was, it was almost as impressive as taking down the 76’er in the Great Outdoors. They don’t mess around with this dish. The Buckeye has a smoker outside of their restaurant where every Monday they smoke some of the best prime rib I’ve ever had, served with a side of twice baked potatoes, sauteed spinach and of course, horseradish. Here are the before and after shots of my fiance’s plate.  

After devouring this amazing dinner, Jaime was presented with the perfect birthday cake from where else but Perfect Endings in Napa Valley. Its one of Oprah’s favorites and I’m pretty sure everyone at that table’s now as well. 

It was hands down the best red velvet cake I have ever had in my life. Each bite contained the perfect amount of cake and sweet cream cheese frosting. You think you can’t get that excited about a cake… until you have had this one. Moist, delicious and completely satisfying! Thanks to Carl for having this shipped in from the NV for us. What a special treat!

Happy Birthday again to the lovely Jaime and thank you for including us in your celebration!