A year and a half ago, we remodeled our kitchen. This was SO fun! We had some incredible contractors that turned this remodel around in just 7 days. New cabinets, counter tops, floor, paint, recessed lighting and opening up half a wall.  These guys were fantastic. Perk of being the son of a man who has built over 150 houses in Marin.

I wish I could find the before photos too, I will have to see if I can find them.

Thought you might like to see where all the action takes place. It’s not big but for the 2 of us, its just perfect. I literally LOVE my kitchen and its my favorite color!  One of my favorite parts are the cabinet knobs, they are the vintage looking purple glass ones from Restoration Hardware. It looks a lot more lived in now but these are what it looked like right after the remodel.

There used to be cabinets above the sink that we blew out and opened up so you can talk to the people in the next room without ducking!

We found this cabinet which makes up for the space we lost above the sink at a cute antique store in San Anselmo. Its made with vintage Brazilian farm wood, we love it! Funny because it looked burnt red in the store but we got it home and it’s bright orange but its grown on us!