This week I took a little breather food blogging and really cooking much of anything amazing too. The weather was gorgeous and I was so inspired to dedicate some time to sprucing up my garden out front and back!

I will find the before photos and post them soon but here is the where we are at right now! I can’t wait for my Princess plant to bloom its gorgeous purple flowers and for my morning glories to come back to life and the petunia’s that I just planted to bloom as well.

The plants on the right are lavender that I planted and I spray painted the wire holder green, it was white.

I added the green pot holder and boxed plant to the front door with some fresh flowering plants. My goal was to create a little more inviting entrance.

The last thing that I did out here was plant the petunia’s in the base of the bamboo plants which have been largely pruned. Bamboo is great but ours had a lot of dead leaves that Ty and I spent an afternoon chopping off. They look a little bare but hopefully soon they will come back! The morning glory needed a ton of work chopping all of the dead vines and I untangled and re-braided the vines that were alive to climb back up the lattices.

Funny Ty and I looked at these pictures and it looks like we didn’t do much but it really kept us busy for a few days! I love being outside in gorgeous weather! Spring has SPRUNG!