Tonight was one of those nights that I didn’t plan dinner out and my house is teetering on empty as far as food assortment goes. I don’t know how this happened but when you cook every meal at home, it goes quick.

I knew I had some swiss chard, wheat penne, parmesan cheese and carrots that needed to be eaten immediately. I also had an artichoke and I figured, well, if you add an artichoke to any meal, it will be a great one.

So I decided to boil the chard for about 10 minutes in some heavily salted water, drain it and add it to the cooked and drained pasta which I then stared at for a bit while deciding how to cook the carrots. I thought I would roast them but that would take forever, I thought about grating them but they were the small ones and it would take too long as well so I popped open this great cookbook that I got for Christmas two years ago, A Platter of Figs, remembering that they had a great looking carrot recipe. This one called for saffron, lemon zest and butter, which I had none of but the recipe said if you cut them thin like coins they cook in 5 minutes! Bingo! Ty cut the carrots after throughouly washing each one individually. I love it when he helps out with dinner, he takes each job very seriously and where he isn’t the fastest prep cook, he gets it done right and it usually looks really pretty. Tonight he had to jump in because I just had my nails done.

The carrots took even under 5 minutes, I added the coin like chopped carrots with some garlic, salt and pepper and 2 big sprigs of rosemary from a big bush outside, added a cup of water and covered it and within minutes they were done! I removed the rosemary and tossed them with the pasta, threw on some olive oil and grated parmesan and we had dinner for 2.

Surprisingly, as random as it sounded and started off, it was delicious!  Plus we have leftovers for tomorrow, love that!

I just heard a loud crash downstairs just minutes following Ty telling me he’d be up in time for Modern Family but he had to clean out the fishbowl. That didn’t sound good, I hope little Mako made it through. His home life might have just taken a drastic change for the worst I am afraid.