I’ve been making a variation of this pasta almost weekly. I got the recipe from Aaryn and her cousin, Lindsey. I try not to change it up too much because the original is so good and the best part is you can have it in about 10 minutes! But feel free to substitute for whatever vegetable is on its way out in your fridge.

Normally it calls for Arugula, chopped cherry tomatoes, garlic and parmesan cheese. Last night I added sausage because Ty wanted some meat and we didn’t have arugula so I used kale. The dressing is a light mixture of Olive Oil, Red Wine vinegar, and salt and pepper. Aaryn’s exact instructions are: let the garlic marinate in the red wine vinegar for a while.. then whisk in the olive oil and S&P.. make sure to use a good amount of both oil and vinegar to dress all the pasta.. then let the tomatoes marinade in the vinaigrette while the pasta is cooking.

I love this pasta because the salad is already in there, its really fast and tastes really fancy and fresh, this is a complete meal – no sides are necessary!

Kale is my favorite vegetable and I try to incorporate it into at least 3 meals a week. Last weekend I made kale quesadillas that were really yummy! Just kale and cheddar cheese, dipped into a little sour cream and srichia! Fast and delicious!

I sauteed the kale for about 10 minutes, chopped the tomatoes and garlic – placed those in a bowl raw and threw the noodles in some boiling water. Next I prepared the dressing and Ty grilled the sausages and chopped them up for me.  After the kale was done, I threw that in and topped with the steaming hot noodles which help wilt the kale a little more and soften the tomatoes and garlic enough to bring out their flavors! Next I tossed it with the dressing, and added salt and pepper to taste. We had a smidgen of parmesean cheese and also threw in some red chili flakes for some heat! If you are having a hunkering for extra carbs, we sometimes eat it with the Garlic Bread from TJ’s frozen section. If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend getting some and buying 2 boxes, you’ll thank me. The stuff is…deadly…good. I almost wish that I  never discovered it.

Perfect weekday dinner and is great for leftovers for the next day! Thanks ladies for another great recipe!