Hi Everyone,

I’m back from a hiatus of blogging but I want to bring this bad boy back.

I’m kicking it off with a great new smoothie recipe that I read about from Kimberly Snyder, nutritionist to the stars, and have been drinking it for the past 3 days for breakfast. It looks like a lot of work but only takes 10 minutes from start to finish!

I love this girl, her book just came out and I have been reading up on the Beauty Detox Solution, I highly recommend it!

For lunch today I made this awesome bowl of goodness, I got this recipe from the lovely Aaryn Leineke and added a tiny twist. It took me only 5 minutes to throw together as I already had some cooked quinoa in the fridge:


Start with your base of 1/2 Quinoa – Heat that in the microwave

Toss it with 1/2 mixed greens or any lettuce and dressing (Mine had a miso dressing)

Top with:

Grated Carrot

1/2 avocado

Pickled Ginger

1/2 chopped bell pepper

Few chopped kaleĀ  leaves

Dried seaweed (I bought this at TJ’s, its salty and delicious and only $.99!)

1 chopped persian cucumber