Do you ever spend a lot at the grocery store, then realize 4 days later your fridge is empty?

This happens to me all the time so I am taking on a new challenge. This weekend I went to the store and re-stocked my sad, empty fridge and decided to challenge myself to survive for 2 weeks off of that single run for Ty and I. If we get past Thursday, I’ll be stoked.

I’ll spare you my entire shopping list but it boils down to a lot of fruits/veggies/snacks and 3 things of meat; beef tenderloin, chicken breasts and ground turkey. We really only eat dinner at home, we commute so breakfast has to be something we can eat in the car and I pack my lunch, Ty has his provided for him at work. In theory, this should be a very simple challenge.

I hope to stretch out these items to A. Save some $ and B. Be more creative as far as throwing meals together without recipes and C. Make meals that stretch out and can be used for lunch the next day and possibly multiple dinners. I’ll keep you all posted and update with recipes, I am sure by this weekend things will start to get interesting. Yesterday I spent a lot of time in the kitchen prepping salads for lunch and cutting up veggies so they won’t go to waste in hopes that it will force us to eat what we have and not pull over to a divey taqueria on our way home out of hunger and desperation. Although that was an amazing discovery last week!

Here is a salad that I made today for lunch today. Try it, it was surprisingly satisfying for a brown bag!

Summer Salad

(Use whichever portions you would like of the following)

Mixed Greens
Plain Quinoa
Sliced thin watermelon radishes
Goat Cheese
Olive Oil/Balsamic